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Client Relationship Summaries for Retail Investors

Certain of Franklin Templeton’s investment advisers and broker-dealers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) provide their services to natural persons and other retail investors. Below you can find summaries that give an overview of the relationship that these advisers and broker-dealers have with these types of investors (our “Client Relationship Summaries”). In addition, you can find more detailed information about these investment advisers by reviewing their adviser brochures (our “Adviser Brochures”) in that section below. You can also learn about these investment advisers, and Franklin Templeton’s other SEC registered investment advisers, by visiting adviserinfo.sec.gov.

Client Relationship Summaries

Franklin Templeton - Form CRS Relationship Summary for RIAs:

- Fiduciary Investment Management International, Inc.
- Franklin Advisers, Inc.
- Franklin Templeton Institutional, LLC
- Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited
- Franklin Templeton Portfolio Advisors, Inc.
- Templeton Global Advisors Limited
- Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC

Franklin Templeton Financial Services Corp. (Broker-Dealer) Client Relationship Summary

Fiduciary Trust International, LLC Client Relationship Summary

Adviser Brochures

Fiduciary Investment Management International, Inc. Adviser Brochure

Franklin Advisers, Inc. Adviser Brochure

Franklin Templeton Institutional, LLC Adviser Brochure

Franklin Templeton Portfolio Advisors, Inc. Adviser Brochure

Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited Adviser Brochure

Fiduciary Trust International, LLC Adviser Brochure

Templeton Global Advisors Limited Adviser Brochure

Templeton Investment Counsel, LLC Adviser Brochure

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