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Charitable Giving

Make an impact, build a legacy, get a tax deduction.

Since 2005, Franklin Charitable Giving Program has been serviced by Renaissance Charitable Foundation, an industry leader in philantrhopic charities. This donor-advised fund is a simple alternative to creating a private foundation, giving you the opportunity to make charitable contributions that are immediately deductible, and that can be invested and grow tax-free. When ready, you can make grant recommendations to charities or causes that are important to you. Families can even establish multi-generational charitable giving.


Opening an account is simple. Clients make an irrevocable donation of personal assets (cash or securities) to Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. (RCF).

Minimum donation = $5,000

Subsequent donation minimums =$1,000.


In addition to the satisfaction that giving to a charity can bring, your clients can also take an immediate tax deduction for the contribution in the year it is made.



Each time a donation is made, clients choose from one of four pre-defined investment strategies or create their own investment strategy or default into the Franklin Growth and Income Strategy.


Clients can recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations of their choice and on their own schedule.

  • Submit an online grant recommendation ($50.00 minimum)
  • RCF approves the recommendation.
  • RCF sends the grant to the approved charity.


For more information, contact your financial professional or Renaissance at (800) 843-7997.

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