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Investor Education

Income for What's Next Strategy®

Whatever your retirement goals, a written retirement income plan can help you feel more confident about your retirement.

Investor Behavior

See how your decision-making process may not be based solely on facts, especially when it comes to investing.

Creating a Financial Plan

Learn more about the value of having a financial plan, defining your personal goals and putting it in writing.

What is a Mutual Fund?

Learn about what mutual funds are, the features they offer and the types of mutual funds available.

What is an ETF?

Get general information about ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), the different types that are available and what potential benefits they can offer to investors.

Market Volatility Resources

Read market insights and educational resources…

Retirement Income IQ Test

Are you an expert on what it takes to generate income once your regular paycheck stops?

Talking Markets Podcast

The Talking Markets Podcast with Franklin Templeton explores perspectives and insights from our investment leaders. Tune in as we provide regular updates on developments shaping markets, industries and investment opportunities.

Tools & Resources

Main Topics

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