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Tax Center

Tax Forms & Statements

  • Find out when this year’s tax forms and statements will be available
  • Learn more about tax forms and statements
  • Sign in to access your tax forms and statements

Fund Specific Information

  • Search by fund for foreign tax credit, distributions and other figures
  • View income attributable to US Government obligations
  • Look up tax exempt income by jurisdiction
  • Read state-specific tax information

Cost Basis Information

  • See which cost basis methods are available at Franklin Templeton
  • Read about what you can expect at tax time
  • Learn if your account qualifies for cost basis reporting

Tax FAQs

  • I have a retirement account. What tax forms might I receive this year?
  • What tax forms will I receive?
  • My dividends were less than $10. Will I still receive a tax form?

Retirement Plan Tax Information

The Internal Revenue Code provides several complex rules relating to the taxation of retirement plan distributions. This page contains important information you will need before you decide how to receive distributions.

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